Join us on a whale swim adventure like no other! Experience the majesty and beauty of the Humpback Whales in Tonga. 


2018 DATES

August 22-29 < full

august 29-SEPT 5 < FULL

       SEPT 5-12 < FULL     

SEPT 12-19 <  FULL

  SEPT 19- 26SEpt < FULL

29-October 6 < full



7 nights accommodation in a beautifully styled waterfront villa with private jetty, just 5 mins from Neiafu town centre

5 days on the water on our fast and comfortable10 m private boat,

 perfect for long days on the water. Lunch and refreshments included.

Plenty of opportunities for World class free diving and visiting the spectacular Swallows and Mariners Caves. 

PADI  Freediver course and certification included

Daily Yoga  on our deck overlooking Vava`u harbour

Twin share is AUD$3500 per person


If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga will deliver! Daily yoga to help you relax and unwind, delicious fresh fruit and seafood, and tropical paradise on your doorstep!


Free diving is the most natural way to explore the underwater world. uninhibited on a single breath.Its a great way to experience a state of connectedness and relaxation, free of gravity in a meditative state of flow . Free diving is the perfect way to experience close interactions with the whales.


Daily yoga sessions  will have you feeling your best, balancing strength, flexibilty and peace of mind. Blending Vinyasa, Yin  and Yang styles, our yoga sessions will elevate you to heightened states that the whales will be able to relate to.

The Experience


Humpback Whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm waters of Tonga to mate and give birth. They begin to arrive in June/July and calves are born between July and September. As well as having calves, single male Whales compete for the attention of a female, listen to the trumpet blows and witness the mighty displays of breaching, spy hopping, tail slapping and pectoral fin in the battle to mate for the following season. Put your head underwater and hear, see and feel the song of the male humpback whale as he fills the ocean with notes, clicks, grunts and whistles to attract a female and warn off smaller males.

Humpbacks are Baleen Whales which means they have no teeth but baleen, which is like big toothbrush bristles, which they use to sieve the krill they feed on. However, they don’t eat during the time spent in Tonga as there is no krill to feed on. The females, known as cows, weigh up to 45 tonnes and are 16 meters in length. The calf when born weighs 1-2 tonnes and measures 1.5 meters. They rapidly grow in size from their mother’s milk which is like double cream and very fatty. The mother expresses 100 litres a day from either of her two breasts.
Usually mothers and calves are the best encounters, with the mother lying at about 10 metres, often sleeping with one eye closed for up to 20 minutes with the calf surfacing every 3 to 5 minutes and playing on the surface. The calves are very inquisitive and will approach swimmers so you are able to eyeball each other.Often there is a male escort with the mother and calf. The female has come back into season even though she is lactating and it is possible for her to mate. 



The Vava’u Island group in the Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular tropical island paradise in the Pacific Ocean. It has a year-round climate suitable for swimming, snorkeling, diving and sailing. Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches while others have tropical forests, sea-level caves, and dramatic limestone cliffs with breathtaking vistas.

Remote and truly unspoiled, the waters around Vava'u are crystal clear with visibility exceeding 100 feet/30 metres. Most of the islands are uninhabited, a few have villages, a few have very small unique resorts with exceptional food. There is abundant sea life with over 100 species of colorful tropical fish, giant clams, manta rays, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and July-October the Humpback whales!

Truly a paradise with the only Polynesian Monarchy this is a truly remarkable place to explore.