We are passionate about sharing the most incredible   wildlife interactions in the most unique locations with the most inspiring people. 


We want to share our passion and love for the natural world, wildlife and travel with a conscious approach to environment and community. It is our aim to support local communities and aid in the protection and conservation of the unique ecosystems we visit. We want to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our tours and also help to promote awareness and knowledge of that which fascinates, frightens and amazes us.


Scott Wilson
Freedive/Yoga Instructor

I have always felt the Call of the Wild from as early as I can remember, a profound Love of Nature, and an insatiable desire to be under the sea. The ocean entices me more strongly than ever, and with it a great passion for underwater exploration, especially free diving. I love the feeling of being suspended, weightless, breathless, free of gravity, immersed in the serene beauty of the underwater landscape. This is the experience I want to share, my love of the ocean, the relaxed state of freedom, and the amazement of wildlife interactions with majestic creatures such as the Humpback Whale.

I have a strong Yoga background, with over 20 years of self practice and extensive teacher training. I am currently completing Bachelor Degrees in both Marine Science and Indigenous Knowledges and have worked in Environmental Conservation and Indigenous community. I am a certified PADI and AIDA freedive instructor, facilitating freedive and yoga training  in Tonga, Byron Bay, Solomon Islands, and other paradisical locations around the world.

Home is beautiful Byron Bay, Northern NSW. When I`m not surfing, diving or exploring, I`m working as a freelance cameraman and facilitating Freediving workshops.


YogaArts 500 Hrs Teacher Training

Ishta Yoga 200 Hrs Teacher Training

PADI Freedive Instructor

AIDA Freedive Instructor

Coxswain 1NC (Commercial vessel operator)

Cert iii Aviation (Remote Pilot UAV)

Kristina  Aitchison
Yoga Teacher

Kristina is a dedicated student of Yoga , having experienced first-hand the powerful transformative effects that Yoga has when practiced regularly. Her passion for yoga lies in the interconnection of mind and body, and how we can use one to influence the other. She encourages her students to slow down, breath and listen to the wisdom of their bodies.

Her style includes Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Meditation with a background in Pilates and Personal Training. Classes with Kristina  focus on centering and soothing the mind, developing strength, balance and grace  in a gentle manner with the power of affirmation and intention. 

"My passion lies in meditation where I learned to develop deep self-enquiry and aim to incorporate in my teachings to others. 
I have worked on many retreats, ranging from Mindfulness Meditation to Detox and Health. 
I aim to balance the body and mind with gentle but strengthening asana, pranayama and meditation practice as a way to heal, manage stress and combat lifestyle illnesses, bringing oneself back to their natural vitality. 
Being Pilates trained, I provide a holistic approach to Personal Training, as well as expert Nutritional Advice based on Western and Eastern philosophies. 
I am a registered member of the IYTA International Yoga Teachers Association- Australia's oldest and longest running Yoga Teachers Association."


Member of the IYTA
Qi Yoga 420 hrs Hatha TT
Adore Yoga Therapy 100 Hrs TT
Power Living Yin Yoga TT 60 Hrs  

Power Living Advanced Vinyasa TT 60 Hrs
Reike Level I & II
Pilates for Yoga Teachers Training

Personal Trainer certificates I to III