mind, body, breath

Hatha Yoga is a system of physical postures and breathing techniques that strengthen , relax and energise the mind and body.

Scott and Kristina are both experienced students and teachers of yoga, with years of extensive training and self practice in numerous yoga styles. We will be exploring influences from the astanga and Iyengar traditions, incorporating vinyasa flow styles as well as "yin" and more restorative poses. Yin Yoga is a relaxing yoga style, using support to hold gentle postures for deep opening and release. It focuses on depth in asana, to hold awareness with your breath as you experience deep release through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress.

Daily yoga sessions will focus on the importance of the breath,  building strength, stamina and flexibility while maintaining a calm and relaxed mind.

This is a perfect complement for free diving, another form of movement Meditation. Awareness of breath and pranayama breathing techniques are integral to freediving, we will be practicing and perfecting these techniques to optimise your ocean experience with the whales. Stretching exercises, meditation and pranayama breathing techniques enhance dive performance, provide peace of mind and prevent injury.